About elections in Catalonia. For the self-management of society

Due to the tension we are living in our country as a result to the crisis generated by the Catalonian independentist process, and close to the next elections in Catalonia, we would like to manifest that:

  1. The SAIn party was born to defend the basic principle of communal living: solidarity. In a globalised and interconnected society, every separation decided in a unilateral way affects us all, so we all have the right and the duty of showing our opinion about what is happening in Catalonia openly.
    Despite the manipulation of the public opinion, the mass mobilizations, a pretended referendum or the fraud of the declarations of independence without any legal value, we cannot ignore that behind this all lies one of the most reactionary ideologies: nationalism.
  2. The prosperity of Catalonia has been possible because of the work of a multitude of immigrants coming from other regions of Spain and from other countries, whose exodus has inevitably provoked an impoverishment of theirhome areas. This has been allowed and silenced by the rulers, who have not defended the poor.
  3. Catalan nationalism is rooted in the search of fiscal privileges done by a stately elite who has found the support of a false left wing, which has accepted being used in favour of the powerful against the people, and have left the impoverished and exploited people helpless.
    In order to maintain their status, those who have promised the wealth of Switzerland for Cataloniahave promoted a culture of corporative selfishness by spreading the lie of considering the others as an encumbrance that keeps oneself from reaching a higher welfare.
  4. The ‘Generalitat’ of Catalonia has turned into an uncontrolled bureaucracy, holding the highest wages of Spain, several redundancy payments, pensions and other immoral privileges for their top posts. They have used the public funds to forge, by means of subsides, a social conflict, and create a state of opinion favourable to the split, using unreal figures and scenarios that have mobilised an important part of the population against an external enemy who does not exist. Those who speak about an oppressor State in fact live by the State, are part of the State and want to create a new State which suits them better.
  5. Catalonianrulers have joined a campaign grown in the middle of the crisis. There is a radicalisation of reactionary discourses about identity, used by the enemies of solidarity to build a culture of exclusion. This is a political ideology that advances in many places in Europe and the USA, and that has been strongly promoted by the regional independentists in Spain, spreading supremacist and reactionary slogans.
  6. The self-management of the people and true solidarity are incompatible with the creation of microstates. In the 21st century, speaking about achieving self-government by means of creating new borders is a myth. Promising an impossible independence is a terribly serious irresponsibility.
    That Catalonia of which the independentists speak about has never existed and cannot exist.A world oppressed by the big transnational holdings, which act on the fringes of the law, behind the states’ back or with their complicity, needs the people to react and move forward to the creation of solidarity spaces without any borders, and needs also the promotion of co-operators, capable of facing the multinational strategy.
  7. We bet on a socialist and solidarity solutionto this crisis. We cannot tolerate the treason of those workers’ organizations camouflage dunder the nacionalist ideology. The official left wing parties and organizations have used the statements of good intentions told by the ‘independentists without frontiers’ as an excuse, almost ridiculous, to their support. But the rich kids will betray them, and the immigrant workers will become again victims of the identity discourse.
  8. The SAIn party commits on the solidarity response, betting on recovering the best from Catalonia: its tradition of solidarity struggle. The independence is a selfish illusion, as we cannot live on while forgetting the duties and consequences of the life in common. The blackmails of the rich have always been a source of oppression for the impoverished peoples.
    It is not that easy to break a country, but we cannot get along with the idea of it being just unbroken. We have to encourage the healing of the social fracture generated by this process. We have to take advantage of this moment to push solidarity.
    We do not refuse reforming the Constitution in a way that it would be good for the Common Good, but we do not accept a change in order to make some people happy and give us all a break for a couple of years.
    Plenty of rulers have promised false freedoms and rights in our country. Others narcotise the people with figures of their economic management. Finally, there are others who say one thing or the opposite depending on the audience. But we are truly convinced that self-management will not come along with borders, slogans and propaganda, but with the integral and collective promotion of the people; those people who will became able to structure their collective lives far away from bureaucracies and uncontrolled power centres that manipulate them.

“The world will be self-managed or it will not be such world!”– Georges Gurtvitch